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For Literacy, we are starting to look at diaries and what is involved with a diary entry. The slides help to explain what it was like for an evacuee child. There is a 9 minute video clip to watch of a lady explaining what it was like for her to be evacuated during the war. 


The children are to create an evacuee character and explain what they would pack in their suitcase and how they would be feeling. There are a list of questions the children can answer in the Evacuees Work Diaries 1 section.


Group 1 - draw pictures in the suitcase and label what you would take with you if you were evacuated - Worksheet 1C


Group 2 - complete either Worksheet 1A or 1B and write sentences (or paragraphs if on Worksheet 1B) explaining what your character is like. Children are to write in the 1st person - e.g. I, me, my.