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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


I hope you all enjoyed the story yesterday and enjoyed making story maps and retelling it to an adult. 


Today, I want you to think about the stories that Claire told in the book.


We are going to make up our own encounters today. They can be as funny or as far fetched as you like. Use your amazing imaginations!


Here are come ideas, if you are stuck. 


You could meet...

What could you do to get away? 


Could you...






or something else? 


Think carefully about your sentence.

Hold it in your head.

Say it out loud.

Write it one word at a time.

Read it back.


You could ask an adult to help you write your setences. They could write it, cut it up and you could re-order it then have a go at writing your own. 


Use these senetence starts to help you.


A _____________________

but I ____________________

That's how I got my bad knee. 

Here are my sentences. 


Don't forget to send your work to so I can give you feedback and share it with your class friends.