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Literacy today would normally be our 'Big Read' session where we read the class book together and answer questions on it. However, due to the current isolation, this can't be done. Therefore, I would like your child to complete the reading comprehension tasks attached here. Please encourage them to read the text carefully and use the information in the text to answer the questions as this is the main skill which is proving difficult to answer.


Group 1 - choose 2 different reading comprehensions and answer them in your book.

Group 2 - the document attached is split into 3 different levels. Your child is to choose either the 2** or 3*** sheet to complete. If they sit on the back 3 rows in the classroom on the side my desk is, I would like them to complete the 3*** sheet. Everyone else is to complete the 2** sheet. The answers are attached but don't let them see! Please answer the questions in the book.


When they finish, please carry on with Bug Club.