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Todays writing is a follow on from yesterday.

I have really loved reading your newspaper reports so much that today I want you to write a  further newspaper report about a topic of your choosing. You can use the game below to help if you are stuck for ideas. 


Things to remember:

  • 5Ws

The first paragraph should contain all of the 5Ws - what, where, when, who and why.

  • Clear paragraphs

Each paragraph should give more detail about the story and be presented in a clear way.

  • Direct and indirect/reported speech

Can be used to show the what other people have said about the story.

  • Facts

Facts or statistics can be used to support your points and avoid using your own opinion.

  • Formal language

Avoid chatty, friendly language in your report as it should be written to inform.

  • Third person

Newspaper reports are written in the third person using the names of those involved and pronouns such as ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’.

  • Past tense

The main part of the report should be written in the past as the event has already happened.