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This week we are going to concentrate on our comprehension skills. I have put 7 different UK based animal comprehensions on. You can choose to do which five you like to do - 1 a-day 
Hi all, We are using The Ickabog in school next week and i am giving you the work below so if you are not in school you can complete at home and are not missing out.

Review chapter one using the activity sheet.

Read the extract from chapter 2.

Go through the key features of a good character description (see PowerPoint). Stop at ‘Figurative Language’ slide.

Chn draw their own Ickabog on A5 paper and stick in in the centre of a page in their literacy book. Add words and phrases around their Ickabog to describe the character’s appearance- using strong adjectives, sensory description and figurative language.

Continue the PowerPoint from slide 7. Look at describing a character’s personality.

Using their ideas from the previous lesson and the checklist,write an effective character description of the Ickabog.

There is also chapter 3 to read and answer the questions

Thursday 2nd July Only the guided reading to do

Record what we know about the Dovetails and the King Fred on the board.

Recap on the features of a formal letter.


Write a letter to the Dovetails ordering them to move to a smaller cottage near the graveyard. This is an order so think carefully about the language you use.

Alternately, you could write a letter of complaint from Mr Dovetail to King Fred.

Work we have been doing in class

8/15/22 June Online learning

We will do something slightly different on the w/c 15 in school but learning is going to be put on now for those not returning.


These booklets will be available to collect from in school and be able to be done at home. The booklet includes writing, reading, spag, science and some topic inside it.

w/c 1 June 


This week I would like you to read the information about Roman roads and create a poster telling me why it was important to build the roads. Give me information as to why the reasons were important.

2. Label the 5 key roads the Romans built on the map provided using google maps or atlases if you have one. 9 you can either use the map that has labels or if you want a challenge use the blank map of the UK

3. Attempt to build your own miniature Roman road using materials from home. I know it says with a partner but this is what we would have done in school.

I have attached below the work I sent out for week four in the packs.

w/c 4th May


Week 3- Book week

HI All,


This week is Book week and I hope you have all received your books we have sent home from school.  This week there are a range of tasks you can do with regards to the book you have been sent or a book of your choice from home as I know some of you are enjoying a book you have been reading with your parents


Task 1- Read the blurb and write a prediction as to what may happen in your book.

Task 2 – is to read the book and as you are you will have some tasks to complete. You can choose which you would like to do over the week.

  • Can you create character profiles for the main characters
  • Can you draw an illustration of the main characters
  • Can you write a description of one of the settings in the story
  • Can you re write the opening describing your main character letting us know more information
  • Can you write a newspaper report on one of the major incidents in the book
  • Can you re write the ending changing it
  • Can you write a letter to one of the characters telling them how they are behaving.. are they good or bad?
  • Can you add an extra character who might change the dynamic of the book
  • Can you write a book review of the novel? Do you recommend it which are the best parts
  • Can you write a sequel
  • Can you write a different story with the same characters?


Inverted commas

Inside the inverted commas is the spoken text.

Start with a capital letter and close with punctuation  before the inverted commas

new line new speaker


Noun Phrase 

This is information about a noun

adjective is the describing word  i.e number one large is describing the keys.

preposition- where or when something is happening

prepositional phrase is the part telling you more about the noun eg number 1 = with flapping sails.

27th April


Literacy- Please log on to bug club and read the books- School is checking when children last logged on here this week. If you can’t remember password, Please email me.


I have also added some writing tasks to complete below as well as some more spag sheets to complete.

20th April

Literacy- Please log on to bug club and read the books- School is checking when children last logged on here this week. If you can’t remember password, Please email me.


I have also added a Powerpoint and a comprehension about the Roman Invasion. Tasks from this:

  1. Can you complete the comprehension
  2. Match the years to the thing that the Romans activities
  3.  Create a timeline of how the invasions happened


When you have completed this for literacy/topic can you...

  1. Research Julius Caesar and write a biography about him


Week commencing 23rd March


Keep up with your SPAG practice.


Keep up with your reading on Bug Club, if you have forgotten your Bug Club login details, email your teacher and they will send them to you (school code is pg6k)


Week Commencing 30th March


Carry on using Bug club ( I can see who has logged on. Well done to those children) and also read the Easter story below and create a story board or re-write the story for our weekly newsletter.