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Literacy writing


Today we will be completing task about looking at and writing scripts. 

What you need to do is visit the BBC website and look at the information on writing a script.

You can also look at the example below of how to structure one.


Task 1 - Complete a play script that may give us the ending of Scotts trip to the South Pole



Activity 2

Go back to the Robert Falcon Scott script from activity 1. Imagine you are going on an expedition and write a 5 page script about getting to your destination. It could be a mountain, an ancient city or anywhere else that you can imagine.

Super challenge

Once you've written your script, have a go at performing it. (ask your parents to play a role as well as yourself)


Top tips!

  • Speak clearly and confidently.

  • Use your voice in different ways to emphasise the point of each line. You might change the volume, tone or speed of your voice.

  • Get into character by changing your body language to suit them (eg walk slowly, if you’re playing an old man).

  • Use the stage directions in the script to make sure each scene is interesting!