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Week commencing 6 April 2020


Happy Easter everyone.  As this is the Easter holidays, I have found a few Easter activities.  Remember to keep practising your times tables using TTRockstars and you can brush up on all the other skills we have learnt this year on ictgames.

Week commencing 30 March


Time is something we have a lot of now - spending time with family, spending time learning at home and time playing.  Telling the time is an important skill and one that we were going to be moving onto in school.  This is something you could do at home with your family.  Remember when we did fractions, and I told you that a clock is divided into quarters (4 equal parts), well this will help you to tell the time. 


To begin with remind yourselves which is o'clock (big hand at 12 - a whole) and half past (big hand at 6 - two quarters or half).  Then move on to quarter past (big hand at 3 - one quarter) and quarter to (big hand at 9 - three quarters).  Write yourselves a timetable of things you are going to do in one day with times and keep an eye on the clock to make sure you change activities at the right time.  


This is my timetable:

Wake up - 8 o'clock

Breakfast - half past 8

Start work - 9 o'clock

Morning exercise - half past 10

More work - half past 11

Lunch time - 1 o'clock

Check if I have any emails from parents or children 2 o'clock

Time to play with the kittens - half past 3


Here are some activities sheets to help you read and write the time.  You can also go on where you will find some time games.

Week commencing 23rd March


There are lots of very good interactive games on ICTGames which your child can access.  You can also access TTRockstars, during the school closures TTRockstars have also provided free access to NumBots which can be accessed through the same site.  Your child has their own username and password for this website.  The links are also on the school website at the bottom of the Year 2 page.


You can also practise all 4 operations with your child: x, ÷, + and -.  In Year 2 we are learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables so you could write some of these for your child to answer.  We are also working on counting in 3s.  You could write some additions and subtractions with two digits, eg 35 + 21 =.  They can do them mentally or by partitioning the numbers into tens and ones.