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Week commencing 18th May

This work was sent home in your learning pack but here is it again if you have lost the sheet.

  • Monday – Play the counting game activity with a family member. Deal out the cards. Count out the pictures on the card and then ask who has the same card.
  • Tuesday – Cut out the flowers and the dice net. Make the dice. Roll the dice and then count out the matching number of flowers.
  • Wednesday – Use the Billy Goats Gruff puppets and your bridge to talk about where the characters are in relation to the bridge. Use ‘on’, ‘under’ ‘next to’ etc. to describe their position.
  • Thursday – Talk about how many of each picture you can see. Is there more of one picture then a different one.
  • Friday – Can you create a repeating pattern on the snakes? You can colour or use paint.

Week commencing 11th May

 This work was sent home in your learning pack but here is it again if you have lost the sheet

  • Monday – Count the pictures and match to the correct numeral.
  • Tuesday – Can you look a the pattern and the complete what would come next?
  • Wednesday – Go on a hunt around the house to find objects for the Three Bears. Can you find 3 hats, 3 coats, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 bowls, 3 spoons.
  • Thursday – The Very Hungry Caterpillar addition. Use your fingers to help you add the two numbers together.
  • Friday – Count the number of animals in the picture and then find the matching number.

Week commencing 4th May

All about number 0

  • Phone numbers often have 0s in them. Ask an adult to help you learn an important phone number, such as your home phone number or a phone number for your Mummy or Daddy’s phone. You could write it down on a piece of paper. Does it have any 0s in it?
  • Look at a phone, computer keyboard or calculator. Can you find the number zero? It looks like a circle
    or oval shape.

All about number 1

  • Draw or paint a picture of a sunny day. Can you draw or paint 1 sun and 1 cloud in the sky? Can you also draw or paint 1 house and 1 tree?
  • Look at a clock, can you see the number 1? Where is it on the clock? What numbers it next to?
  • Ask a grown-up to help you look at some coins. Can you find any 1p and £1 coins? Can you do some coin rubbings using paper and pencils or crayons? Can you see the numbers or the word ‘one’?
  • Have a look at a reading book. Can you find the page numbers? Can you find page
    1? You could try writing the number 1 on your own.

Week commencing 27th April

  • Go on an object hunt and describe the shape of you fine e.g. straight, curved, long, short, round.

Week commencing 20th April

  • Go on a shape hunt and find objects that look similar to 2D shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles and circles. Can you compare the objects and say which 2D shape it looks like.

Week commencing 6th April

  • Look at the pictures of the Easter Bunny. Can you use positional words (e.g next to, in front, behind, in between etc) to describe where the Easter Bunny is hiding.

Week commencing 30th March

  • When you are having your your breakfast, lunch, dinner or your snacks, can you look at who in your family has got the most, the least or have you got the same amount of food on your plate or in your bowl? Can you use the sentence "_____ has got the most" or "_____ has got the least" or " ______has got fewer ____ than ______"?


Week commencing 23rd March

  • Make a repeating pattern with objects in your house.
  • Draw a monster and talk about how many arms, legs and eyes it has.
  • Go on a number hunt around your house. Can you recognise any of these numbers and then show them on your fingers? Try to find a group of objects and match the correct quantity to the number that you have found.
  • Practise writing the numbers from 0-10.