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Today we are moving our learning on. We will be using everything we have learnt so far withing addition and subtraction to create what we call fact families. These are a group of calculations that use the same numbers. It is quite tricky and is something that we spend a lot of time explaining and complting practically so don't  worry if your child finds today's learning difficult. We will be spending the next two days on fact families. 


You could try using objects to support your learning today or drawings so that you can 'see' the calculations. 


Work your way through these slides before completing today's task. 

Today I want you to have a go at writing 2 addition and 2 subtraction number sentences for these part, part whole models.


Look at my example to help you. 





The whole is 7

A part is 5

A part is 2



5+2 = 7     I can switch this around so 

2+5 = 7     I can also write a subtraction. 


Remember when you are subtracting you have to start with the whole as this is the total.


7- 2 = 5

7-5 = 2


Now have a go at these in your work book... 



Remember to email your work to me at so that I can give you feedback and I can also add it to our gallery.