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For maths, we are carrying on with addition and subtraction. 


The class is split into two groups. You will be told via phonecall which group your child is in if they are unsure.


Group 1

The children are to complete fact families. This is where 2 numbers are added or subtracted together to make a total, e.g. 2+1 = 3, 1+2 = 3, 3-1 = 2, 3-2 = 1. This is a fact family of 3. Their task is to answer the questions creating fact families to 10 using the sheet provided.


Group 2 

The slides are attached for your child to work through - some answers are provided for them to check. With the worksheet, the first half of the work on the second page is repeated - 2b - 5 - please only answer these once. Please encourage your child to show all the working out for each question where asked. They may need more space to write or show their answer.