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Monday 16th November

Mrs Grainger-Roystone would like to say a great big well done for all your super home learning from last week and also a big thank you to all your parents for their support and help with this. We are all very impressed by the amazing work you have been sending in. Keep this up Reception class.

Session 1 - Literacy

  • ​​​​​​We are going to be focussing on 'Families'. Draw a picture of the people and any pets that live in your house.
  • Write the names of your family members. Use your phonic knowledge to sound out your own names when writing. 
  • Practise writing your own name, with the letters formed correctly. Remember names start with a capital letter. Write your first name and any middle names if you have one and your surname.
  • Look at the pictures of family members below to use some of the related vocabulary. Can you read the labels on the document below?
  • Do you have any cousins, aunts, uncles etc. ?  
  • Can you talk about the things that you like doing with your family? 
  • Discuss special events that you celebrate with your family i.e. birthdays, Christmas,  Easter, Christenings etc.
  •  Draw a picture of any special events that you can remember. Write a simple caption to accompany your picture.
  • Ask your adult to email any family pictures you have done and pictures showing special events and the things that you like to do with your family.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Say all the letters in the alphabet. Say the name of each letter and then the sound it makes. 
  • Ask your adult to say different words i.e. watch, boat, apple etc. Listen carefully to the initial sound of each word> Tell your adult the sound that each word begins with i.e. watch begins with a 'w'. Repeat with other words and remember to listen carefully for the sound at the beginning of each word.
  • Next we are going to practise our CVC (consonant vowel consosnat) words. Ask your adult to say a CVC word i.e. pig, mat, cat, map, cat, dog etc. 
  • Listen carefully to the sounds in each word and chop each word into it's 3 sound parts i.e. p/i/g, m/a/t etc. Say the 3 sounds and then write them down.
  • We are going to be learning the new phoneme 'sh'. When 2 letters come together to make 1 sound this is called a digraph. 
  • Think of words that have the 'sh' sound i.e. ship, shop, shed, shell, fish, hush, wish, rush
  • Say each word and then ask your adult to help you write a list of these words. Underline the 'sh'sound in each word. 
  • Can you write the 'sh' sound? Can you have a go at writing some of the words that contain the 'sh' sound?
  • Remember to keep reading the tricky words from the Phase 2 list. If you can read these words then have a go at spelling them.
  • Singing the tricky word song will help you to remember the words - click on the link below.

Session 3 - Mathematics

  • Let's begin our mathematics by counting up to 20. Say each number as you count. If you can count forwards to 20 then start at 20 and count backwards.
  • Click on the number song below to see each number as you count.
  • We are going to be focussing on shape and patterns this week. We are going to be learning about repeating patterns. A repeating pattern is a type of pattern where the rule just keeps on repeating over and over.
  • Look at the repeating pattern below with shapes. Can you say the pattern and then say the shape that comes next in each pattern?
  • Can you notice any patterns around your home or in your garden? 
  • Please click on the link below to help you think about and notice the patterns that are all around us.
  • Can you think of and create a repeating pattern of your own or draw pictures to show patterns you have noticed around your home? 
  • Please take photographs of any patterns you have noticed around your home or your garden and ask your adult to email these to me. I  look forward to seeing lots of pattern pictures.
  • Enjoy your pattern hunt everyone!