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If we can dream it ... we can do it!




Some ideas to keep active at home.


Throwing and catching a ball.  Bouncing and catching a ball.


Throwing at a target - throw a ball in a basket like we have done in our PE lessons - how far away can you stand and still get the ball in the basket?


Running around your garden.  You could throw a ball and then run and fetch it back.


Skipping - practise skipping - this keeps you really fit.


Jogging on the spot - you could pretend that you are jogging somewhere - make up a story - jog to the park and then come back again, jog to school and then come back again etc - go faster - slow down - jog up the hill/down the hill. 


Get someone to hide things in the garden for you to find - pegs work well for this.  


Jumping - how far can you jump?  How high can you jump?


Online, the Cosmic Kids Yoga website and Joe Wicks' PE lessons are brilliant - have a go.