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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Week beginning 01.06.20


Carry on with the previous activities. 

Are you watching Joe Wicks?

Are you becoming more flexible after completing Go Noodle and Cosmic Yoga sessions?

Can you create an obstacle course in your back garden while the weather is glorious?

Week commencing 23rd March


Don't forget to stay active, get outside when you can but if the weather is not too good there are some fun activities on GoNoodle, have fun!

Week beginning 20/04/20


How have you been keeping active? Have you tried Joe Wicks P.E. sessions? They are live on You Tube at 9am Mon-Fri. Send us some photos of you taking part!


If that sounds too crazy for you try Cosmic Kids yoga, also on You Tube. You can join in lots of adventures including Harry Potter, Star Wars and lots of others. 


Have you been on a walk or bike ride? Send us a picture!

Week beginning 27/04/20


This week we would like you to become fitness instructors! Look at the cards below - you can choose fitness circuits or yoga - have a go at the activities or poses. Now have a go at making a set of cards for somene else to try. Think about what people can use in their own gardens or living room. There's no point in making a card about scoring goals or shooting hoops as lots of people won't have goal postsor basketball rings!


Ready for a challenge? Can you make a short video of your fitness tasks/poses like Joe Wickes? I would love to see them and have a go!