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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Today, we will be looking at how to throw and catch a ball in a controlled manner. 


Can you:

  • Throw and catch a ball in two hands and then in one hand.
  • One hand behind your back and throw the ball up into the air and catch it again. Repeat with the other arm - remember that you will be better with one arm than the other for this activity so don't worry if you keep dropping it!
  • Bounce a ball off a wall and catch it.
  • Throw the ball higher into the air (in a controlled way) and still be able to catch it.
  • Can you do an underarm throw and overarm throw – can you bounce the ball off a wall? Maybe even catch it.
  • Task – 7 ball games - see if you can do all 7 of these activities without dropping the ball!!