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Week Commencing 13th July 2020


Go on a walk with your grown up and identify trees - see the science work for this week on identifying trees and learning about deciduous and evergreen trees.


Week commencing 22.6.20

We hope you enjoy the lovely weather this week. 

Can you design a game for someone in your family to play in the garden?

You could write the rules for them to follow.

Don't forget to send your photos to us so we can share them with your friends. 

Week Commencing Monday 15th June 2020


Have a go at Star Wars or Frozen yoga with Cosmic Kids!

Week Commencing Monday 8th June 2020


I've had a look at gonoodle this week.  Here are some links from the site to get you moving.  Have you got a favourite song that you could make up your own dance moves to?  Can you remember when we did the Hockey Cokey and made up our own actions?  That was lots of fun!

Week commencing 01.06.20

Have a go at these quick PE activites. 

Go for a walk with a grown up. Whilst on your walk- can you spot any shapes in the environment? 

Week commencing 25.05.20

Half term- activities sent out in home learning pack

Week Commencing 18th May 2020


Practise throwing and catching.  How many times can you throw and catch without dropping the ball?


Put something on the grass as a marker - an old t-shirt or tea-towel.  Stand near the marker and throw the ball so it lands on the marker.  If it does move a step further away, if it doesn't, then try again.  Keep going until you have moved as far away from the marker as you can.  Have you got a different ball to try and play this game with?  


Put objects in your garden - pegs, soft toys or balls - make sure you know how many you have put out in the garden.  Then run around the garden collecting the objects as quickly as you can.  You could change the way that you move as you collect them - run, jump, hop, skip.  How many objects can you collect without dropping any?


Don't forget Cosmic Yoga, Joe Wicks and Boogie Beebies are all online to keep you moving and having fun.

Week commencing 11.5.20

Find a Rainbow Challenge

When you go on your daily walk, could you find a rainbow? Look carefully all around you when you are walking this week. Your challenge is to find things that are the colours of the rainbow. Don't worry if you are not out walking, you can do the challenge in your homes. Take a picture or ask a grown up to help you and then send Mrs Hawkridge or I your rainbow! We would love to see them and we can use them to brighten up our class page! 

Here are a few examples that I have found. You can present yours however you wish. 


Week commencing 4.5.20

Book Week

Week commencing 27.4.20

This week try and get outside in the garden to play. You could play on your bike, scooter, trampoline or whatever

equipment you may have. See if you can practise hopping, jumping and skipping. 

How many hops can you do in 1 minute? Can you beat your score?

How many jumps (with two feet) can you do in a minute? Can you beat your score?

How many different kinds of jumps and hops can you do? (Bunny hops, star jumps, hop on one leg, skip, jump or hop on the spot.) 

We would love to see a video or photo of you doing this activity. Don't forget to email us! 

Week commencing 20.4.20

This week, if you are still enjoying Joe Wicks you can continue to build your fitness with his daily workouts. 

Can you design a game or obstacle course to do with your family? Try and include running, jumping, skipping and throwing. 

Week Commencing 30th March 2020


Start your day with The Joe Wicks workout. You can find it via the link below.

If the weather stays nice practise your throwing and catching skills in the garden. 

Week commencing 23rd March 2020

Remember to stay active! If the weather is nice try to play in the garden and get some fresh air! 

If not, here is a link to a just dance video! 

Just Dance 2015 - Happy Pharrell Williams Gameplay - 5 Stars Rating [ HD ]

Just Dance 2015 - Happy Pharrell Williams Gameplay - 5 Stars Rating [ HD ] Played on Xbox One