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PE and fitness

Week beginning Monday 29th June


Can you make an orienteering map of your garden using symbols for important features?

Then think of a word and hide the letters around your garden.

Then think of a clue for each letter where you put it and give it for an adult or your brother or sister to find.

Week beginning Monday 27th April


Since we are looking at Brazil this week, could you find out more about samba music and have a go learning a samba dance step?

Week beginning 30th March


  • Keep practicing PE with Joe Wicks on a morning. Cn you design your own series of exercise?
  • Can you design your own obstacle course in your garden?
  • Try this water cycle song on go noodle about the water cycle

Week beginning 23rd March


Keep fit with Joe Wicks, the body coach. he is doing a free live 30 minute PE lesson every weekday at 9 O clock. Good fun and fitness for all the family. And if you can't manage to do it live, then you can always join in later!


Another website offering daily fitness workouts:


Or you can try lots of great songs with actions on go noodle: