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Personal Challenges

Independence Skills


Whilst you are are at home, you do not always have to work on something that is Maths, Literacy or Phonics based. You could work on something that will help you later in life and give you the best start when you go to 'Big School'.


Look at the list below and see what you need to work on

  • Can you put on a coat by yourself?
  • Can you do up the zip on your coat?
  • Can you go to the toilet by yourself?
  • Can you hold a pencil with 3 fingers?
  • Can you use scissors correctly?
  • Can you put on your own shoes and socks?
  • Can you get dressed by yourself?
  • Can you talk in a full sentence?
  • Can you have a back and forth conversation with someone in your family?
  • Can you use a knife, fork and spoon correctly?