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Phase 5

Phase 5 builds on the previous phases.


In Phase 5  the children are taught alternative ways of spelling familiar sounds. For example, ai/ay/ a-e.


Phase 5 also teaches alternative pronunciations for familiar letters e.g. i(fin/find), c(cat/circus), ow(cow/blow), ch(chin/chef) and alternative spellings for sounds e.g. r/wr(rat/wrap) n/gn/kn(nut/gnat/knit), air/ere/ear/are(pair/there/pear/ bare)


We will also learn about split-digraphs e.g. a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e (make, Pete, bike, rope, cube/flute)

The next set of tricky words are also introduced. 


oh their people Mr. Mrs. looked called asked could