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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Week commencing 1st June

With a grown-up, play a listening game about visiting a farm "I went to the farm and I saw..." instead of saying the animal name, split it up into 3 sounds e.g. p-i-g. The other person has to work out what animal it is. Try for cow, cat, hen, dog etc.

Week commencing 18th May

Talk about some sounds that you like and you don't like. Draw some pictures of these sounds e.g. a doorbell, birds singing.

Week commencing 11th May

Get a grown up to read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Can you add sounds to the story


Week commencing 4th May

  • Play a game of rhyming tennis with an adult. Say a word and then the other person has to think of a rhyming word (e.g. cat, mat). Keep taking it in turns until someone cannot think of a rhyming word. Repeat with different words.

Week commencing 27th April

  • Make a bowls of silly soup with objects that rhyme and then objects that begin with the same sound.

Week commencing 20th April

  • Go on a listening walk and identify some of the sounds that you can hear when when you are in your house. Are there any similar sounds when you are in the garden and in the house?

Week commencing 30th March

  • Listen to the 'Alliteration Song' on Youtube.
  • Can you think of any words that begin with the same sound as your name?
  • Can you go on an 'Alitteration Hunt' to find objects in your house that begin with the same sound.


Week commencing 23rd March

  • Play some of the Phase 1 Games on PhonicsPlay:
  • Can you copy the different sounds and talk about your favourite sound from the game Sound Starters?
  • Can you match all of the rhyming pictures in the game ‘Cake Bake’? Can you think of any other words that sound similar to the ones on the game?
  • Can you find the words that start with the same sound in the game ‘Super Smoothie’? Can you think of any other words that start with that same sound?
  • Sing some of the Jolly Phonics songs from Youtube.
  • Sing some of your favourite Nursery rhymes. Can you act out the actions to the songs? Could you make any props at home to help you act out the songs?