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Julia has been working really hard on her doubling. She has enjoyed singing the phonic sounds to help her learn new sounds. Julia has also been doing lots of reading and writing too. Well done Julia.
Eden has drawn some super dragon pictures. She has taken her time when drawing and has been adding detail to her work. Eden has also been working hard on her doubling in mathematics. Well done Eden - super work.
Julia has been working hard on her doubling in Maths. She is enjoying our topic on dragons and has drawn a fabulous picture of a dragon. You have taken care with your picture Julia and added lots of detail. Super phonic learning too.
Nadine enjoyed the story, 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. She drew pictures to show all the things Zog learnt how to do at Dragon school. Nadine has been sounding out her own words when writing labels. She has also been working hard on doubling in mathematics. Super home learning Nadine - well done.
Julia has been doing lots of phonic learning and is enjoying learning new sounds. Julia has been working hard on her reading, writing and mathematics too. Super home learning Julia - well done.