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Photo Gallery

Eden is drawing some super pictures and is adding detail to her work when drawing. A lovely picture Eden, well done.
Dylan has been working hard on his doubling and sharing. He has been developing his phonic skills and using lots of sounds now in his own writing. Dylan has also made a good start to our topic on 'Dragons and Knights'. Well done Dylan, super work.
Julia has been working hard in mathematics to develop her doubling and sharing skills. She has been learning lots of new sounds in phonics and is trying to sound out her own words when writing. Julia is enjoying our topic ob 'dragons and knights' and has done some fabulous pictures and writing. Well done Julia - super home learning.
Ryder has been doing some super mathematics. He has been learning doubling and halving skills and has completed lots of tasks related to this. Ryder has done some amazing work on dragons and knights and is adding lots of detail when drawing pictures. Ryder is also doing lots of writing to accompany his pictures. Super home learning Ryder, well done. We love your pictures of a knight.
Julia has enjoyed listening to lots of stories and carries out the tasks linked to these. She has also been working hard on her halving and sharing in Mathematics. Julia is also making super progress with her phonics and is learning how to use sounds in her own reading and writing. Super home learning Julia. Well done.
Nadine has been working hard on her writing and has drawn some great pictures. She has also started work on sharing and halving in Mathematics. Super home learning Nadine, well done.
Dylan has been trying hard with his writing. He drawn some super pictures and is starting to add detail to his pictures. Great work Dyaln, well done.