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Week 1 Photographs of our Home Learning

Olivia is enjoying lots of art and craft activities at home. Well Done Olivia for being so creative.
Ryder has been doing lots of subtraction work and spelling work. Well done Ryder for spelling the tricky words correctly. I really like your super pictures of Pudsey Bear. Well done Ryder - lots of super home learning.
Layla has drawn a fabulous picture of Pudsey Bear for Children in Need Day. Well done Layla.
Oscar has been busy finding out about Diwali. He has drawn some pictures to show the special objects related to the festival. Oscar has written his own labels to accompany his pictures. Super work on subtraction too. Well done Oscar.
Julia has been very busy with her home learning. She has enjoyed activities on Phonics play and has been writing her own name. Julia has enjoyed drawing lots of pictures too. Well done Julia for working so hard at home.
Dylan has enjoyed finding out about Diwali. He has made some amazing Diva lamps this week - well done these look amazing. Dylan has also been busy with his writing and has been using number songs to learn about subtraction. Lots of amazing learning Dylan.

Dylan has been very busy with his home learning. He has been learning how to subtract and has written his own number sentences. He has been finding out about Diwali and has drawn some super pictures. Dylan has also been very busy with his phonics and letter formation. Fabulous work Dylan - well done.


Theo has made a super start to his home learning. He has enjoyed activities on the Phonics Play website and is enjoying his singing lessons on the Charanga music site. Well done Theo.
Angus has made a super firework picture. Well done Angus, amazing art work.
Olivia has made a fabulous start to her home learning. She has been writing her name and reading words from the Reception list. Well done Olivia.