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Remote Learning for Reception class November 2020

Please look at this page each morning for our daily learning activities. I have put the timetable for the week, which we would be following in school. We will keep in touch by phone calls and emails. If you need any immediate support then please phone the school office. Check the school website for updates and recent news.


Please email me pictures of the work your child has been doing at home. It will be lovely to see daily updates and news on how you are all getting along with the home learning activities. My email is:


Remember to keep up with your daily reading activities and enjoy the books that you have at home. I will make sure you all have lots of books on your Bug Club accounts. Remember to use your personal log in details to access these books. Also keep reading the key words that you have in your book bags. I have put a link to the full list of Reception words below. Please let me know which books you have really enjoyed reading.


You will see on the timetable the regular learning breaks in between each session. Use these breaks to have some exercise and a snack. If you have a garden then you could use your breaks to have some fresh air and an outdoor playtime.


Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing pictures of your work and any other home learning activities via email. See you all in 2 weeks. 

Tuesday 10th November

Session 1 Mathematics

  • Our focus for this week will be subtraction. We will be using the range of vocabulary linked to subtraction i.e. take away, minus, subtract, less, leave, difference between
  • Use practical tasks and activities to encourage understanding of the language listed above i.e. put out 5 objects and take away 3, ask your child how many are left.
  • Write the number sentence which shows what you have done i.e 5 - 3 = 2. Read the number sentence with your child, using the vocabulary listed above.
  • Repeat with different amounts i.e. put out 7 objects and take away 4. Again model the use of subtraction vocabulary to develop understanding.
  • Write the number sentence and read together.

Session 2 Phonics

  • Click on the link below and sing the alphabet song together.
  • Play a game of I spy with your adult. This will help you to think carefully about the sounds that words begin with i.e. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 's'. Look around and try and spot an object that starts with this sound. Repeat with other sounds.
  • Today we are going to be learning the new sound - 'y'. Say the sound and together think of words that start with this sound. Practise writing the sound in the air with your finger. Say the sound as you write it.
  • Click on the link to phonics play below. Practise phase 2 activities. Remember to practise your blending and segmenting skills. 
  • Please look at the sounds on the Phase 2 sound mat below. These are all the sounds that we have already covered in school. Can you say each sound to your adult? Can you write each sound? Then think of words that start with a chosen sound i.e. can you think of some words that start with the 'c' sound.
  • We are learning how to read the tricky words from Phase 2. Please click on these words below and practise reading them with an adult. Remember we call them tricky words as we cannot sound them out. If you are confident at reading the words then practise spelling the words.

Session 3 Topic Focus

  • On Monday we started to talk about festivals and celebrations. We spoke about the recent bonfire and fireworks night and how we enjoyed watching the fireworks. 
  • We have been discussing special events and family occasions and we have been thinking about the special times that we celebrate i.e. birthdays, Christenings, Christmas etc.
  • We are going to be thinking about the festival of Diwali and how this is celebrated.
  • Please click on the link below to find out about the Hindu festival of Diwali.
  • Talk together about the things that you saw. Use some of the key vocabulary linked to Diwali i.e. festival of light, diva (candles that are lit), fireworks, celebrate, new beginnings, special family time, dancing and singing etc.