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School Swimming

Children at Ladywood take part in swimming lessons during Year 3 and Year 4. In each year pupils will have 15 1 hour lessons over a period of 15 weeks, children at Ladywood therefore receive a total of 30 hours tuition over two years. Lessons normally take place during the autumn term for Year 4 and during the Spring term for Year 3.

Children are assessed throughout each block of lessons and work towards specific standards, data will be reported here that reflects the achievements of the current Year 6 cohort.


Academic Year 2019/2020

Number of Year 6 Children: 29

Number of Year 6 children that can:

i) swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres: 21/72%

ii) use a range of strokes effectively (without buoyancy aid): 28/97%

iii) perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations: 27/93%


The Year 4 group who completed their second block of lessons in January 2020 acheived the following standards (an explanation of the criteria for each standard is given below):


Award Achieved No. Pupils
Confidence Award 13
Curriculum Award 10
Challenge Award 2
School Award 0


Barnsley Confidence Award

  • safe entry & exit
  • walk across the pool with shoulders underwater
  • submerge face in the water and blow bubbles for 3 seconds
  • push and glide on front and regain standing position
  • push and glide on back and regain standing position
  • swim a minimum of 5m on front, swim a minimum of 5m on back

Barnsley Curriculum Award

  • safe entry & exit
  • submerge body underwater
  • push and glide on front
  • push and glide on back
  • float and regain standing position on front and back
  • swim 10m on back unaided
  • treadwater
  • swim 25m on front unaided

Barnsley Challenge Award

  • treadwater for 2 mins
  • swim breaststroke for 50m
  • swim 25m back crawl
  • sculling head first
  • sculling feet first
  • swim 10m front crawl
  • mushroom float for 10 secs
  • head first surface dive to a depth of 1.5m
  • feet first surface dive to a depth of 1.5m
  • treadwater with both hands behind back for 20 secs
  • straddle entry
  • swim in clothes 25m
  • treadwater for 30 secs in clothes
  • stay afloat using a floating object for 5 mins
  • exit pool with your clothes on


The School award is given to children who are still classed as non-swimmers and haven't completed all criteria for the Confidence award.