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Week commencing 15 June


Take part in weekly science lessons at  Remember to watch the video first and then follow the instructions. 

Week commencing 1 June


You are bird detectives!  See how many different birds you can spot in your garden or when you are out exercising with your family.

Week commencing 11 and 18 May


In your home learning pack this week you will find a booklet all about plants. 

There are lots of practical activities to complete:-


  • Broad Bean Bonanza - You will find instructions how to plant broad beans at home.  Look at the seeds every day and watch how they are developing.  Draw the changes on your sheet.
  • Share what you know about the seeds - Imagine you are writing instructions to go on the back of a packet of seeds. What would you tell people to do to make sure their seeds grow and stay healthy?
  • Plant Predictions - Take three of your healthy broad bean plants. Put one on a sunny windowsill and water it every day, put one on the same windowsill but stop watering it and put the third one in a dark cupboard but water it every day.  Draw pictures in these flowerpots of what you think your plants will look like in a couple of weeks. This is your prediction (what you think will happen).  After two weeks, compare your plants to your predictions. Were you right?
  • Share what you know about plants - Imagine you are writing instructions to go on the label of a plant that someone might buy from the garden centre. What would you tell people to do to make sure their plant grows and stays healthy?
  • Remember to use the key vocabulary when talking about seeds and plants.

Remember to take lots of photos of your seeds and plants and send them to me.

Week commencing 27 April


Can you grow a rainbow?


Week commencing 20 April


In the spring term, we studied materials in science.  For your science challenge this week, I am sending you and your family on a scavenger hunt around your house or garden.  You can even video call other relatives to see if they can help you by scavenging around their house.  


This is your challenge...

  1. Find something that is soft.
  2. Find something that is hard.
  3. Find something that is shiny.
  4. Find something that is stretchy.
  5. Find something that is see-through.
  6. Find something that is liquid.
  7. Find something that is natural.
  8. Find something that is bendy.
  9. Find something that is spiky.
  10. Find something that is smooth.
  11. Find something that is bumpy.
  12. Find something that is rough.
  13. Find something that is waterproof.
  14. Find something that is made of metal.
  15. Find something that is made of wood.
  16. Find something that is made of rock.
  17. Find something that is made of glass.
  18. Find something that is made of plastic.
  19. Find something that is made of fabric.

Make a list of your answers and send me a photograph as evidence that you have completed your challenge.

Week commencing 30 March


We had just started our Ready Steady Grow topic in science.  We learnt about why plants disperse their seeds and the clever ways in which they do this.  We made a seed helicopter and tried them out in the playground.  Here is a template of the spinner so that you can have a go at home.  

Talk to your family about why it is important for a plant to spread its seeds and talk about what the words 'dispersal' and 'pollination' mean.


You can do more research by visiting this website -