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Welcome to science and classifying organisms lesson 5.


Look at the five kingdoms of the classification system on the slide show. We already know about the animal and Plant kingdoms. What kind of organisms do you think might be in the other three kingdoms?


  • There are millions of other organisms all around us that we can’t see. They are microorganisms (or microbes for short). Do you know what a micro-organism is?
  • Go through the information on the slides explaining what microbes are, what they need to survive and what evidence of them we can see in daily life, such as when people get ill, mouldy food or rising bread.
  • Just like plants and animals, micro-organisms can also be grouped to help identify them.
  • Go through the different groups of microbes on the slides.



Once you have completed reading through the slides.


Task 1 - On worksheet 5A, write as many facts as you can on what you already know about microorganisms.

They then think of two questions you would like to find the answer to, record them on the worksheet and use different sources of information to find the answers to the questions.


Task 2 – Practical – if you have the materials you could experiment to find out which food yeast likes the best.

  • Look at the Yeast Experiment sheet and the equipment listed on the sheet.
  • Read through the experiment and then write a prediction on worksheet 5D
  • Follow the steps for the experiment and then leave the samples for an hour or two. Come back to the samples and look at what has happened. Which bag has the most gas in? What does this tell you?
  • Record the results and a conclusion on the worksheet.