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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Show the slide with a picture of a flowering plant. Can you name any of the parts of this plant? Do you know what any of the parts do? Children to discuss and share their ideas. Show the labelled plant on the next slide.

Do you know which part of the plant grows first? What does it grow from? Children to discuss their ideas. Show the slides explaining seed germination and root growth.

Do you know what the roots do? Which slides are true/false? Eradicate misconceptions children have about the roots of plants. Children to talk with a partner/adult, addressing each of the statements shown. Get pairs to share a few of their ideas. Let’s see how much you got right! Show the slides explaining the main functions of roots, how they work and how they grow.

Explain that today we will be investigating how roots grow.

Please complete the first or second sheet - you choose! - of the attached document. Children at home, if you would like to try the experiement, that would be great BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TOO!!! We will have a go at planting seeds when back in school.