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Name and describe the main parts of flowering plants and their functions. The leaves and flowers of a plant need water to grow and perform their functions. Where do they get their water from? Children to discuss their ideas.

Show slides explaining in greater detail the function of the roots and stem in transporting water within plants.

What happens to the water once it has been transported into the plant by the roots and stem? Where does it go? Children to discuss their ideas.

Show slides explaining what happens to water once it reaches the main parts of plants. Can you think of some experiments we could do to show how water is transported by the roots and stem? Children to discuss their ideas then share them. As part of the discussion, collect some of their ideas on the slide provided.

Show slides explaining how water and food dye are drawn up by pieces of kitchen. Could this information help us plan an experiment next week when back in school?


With the worksheets, Group 1 (for maths), please can you do the first sheet - Worksheet 3A.

Group 2, please can you do Worksheet 3B.