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Week commencing 13th July


Learn the basics about different features of sounds, including pitch and volume. Complete this lesson and create an explanation text about the science of sound.

Week commencing 6th July

Find out about evolution and Charles Darwin. Learn about natural selection and create a fact file about the life of Charles Darwin.

Week commencing 29th June

Learn about reversible and irreversible changes. Complete a sorting activity and test your knowledge by taking the quiz.

Week commencing 8th June
Learn about life cycles of humans and animals. Complete this Bitesize lessonActivities include: reordering the life cycle of a butterfly and a chicken, learn about the human life cycle and take the quiz, and complete the worksheet ‘The Life Cycle of a Mammal’.
Week commencing 1st June
Find out how plants reproduce through the process of pollination. Complete this Bitesize lesson.
Week commencing 18th May
Explore adaptation in humans and plants by completing this Bitesize lesson on adaptation.
Week commencing 4th May

Visit ‘Planet Science’. This is a Science site with an under 11 section. Explore the site and see if you can carry out some of the fascinating activities. 


Visit Crash Course Kids. Watch the kid friendly science videos on a variety of topics.

Week commencing 30th March

Have a look at DR Chip’s STEM activities. These are science, engineering and computing activities to try at home. You can also join Dr Chip live each day for a new idea.

Week commencing 23rd March


Learn more about the amazing world of science and try some of the fun science experiments, online games, quizzes and activity ideas on Science for kids.


Have a look at Science Bob, can you carry out an investigation at home?


Try and look at activities linked to materials and their properties.