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Week Commencing Monday 13th July


Teeth and Eating

Teeth are an essential part of our digestive system and it is important we keep them clean and healthy,

Read the PowerPoint to find out more about our teeth and the important jobs they do.

Have a go at some of the activities and design a poster explaining how and why we need to keep our teeth clean.

Week Commencing Monday 29th June


The digestive system


Last week we looked at the parts of the digestive system. this week you have to find out what each part does. read the power point first to help you then fill in the worksheet.

Week Commencing Monday 22nd  June


The digestive system

We are going to learn the names of the digestive system. The digestive system is the name for parts of your

body that process your food.

Have a go playing this game - the body game.

Have a go labeling all the parts and see if you can put the parts in the right place on the body.

This might help you.



Week Commencing Monday 15th June

 This week, we are looking at other food chains and what producers and consumers are.

Consumers are living things that eat animals and / or plants.

Have a go:

  • Read the powerpoint.
  • Match the word and definitions up.
  • Put the living things in the correct box.
  • Use the pictures to make your own food chains.

Week Commencing Monday 8th June

This week we are going to look at food chains in the rainforest.

Can you remember what predator, pray and producer mean?


Producer -a plant that produces its own food. 

predator -an animal that hunts and eats other animals.

Prey - An animal that gets hunted and eaten by another animal.


Can you put the correct pictures in the correct place to say what eats what? 

Week commencing Monday 1st June


This week in literacy, we are looking at life in the rain forest. can you find out more about the different plants that we might find in the rainforest. Some examples of rainforest plants are: birds of paradise, orchids, the rubber tree, coffee, the banana tree, Bromeliads, Heliconia, cacao. Can you present your findings, with pictures neatly in writing or on a powerpoint?

Week Commencing Monday 18th May


Living things and their habitats


Now you have found out about different groups of animals and had a go putting together a key, can you make your own key using the examples for help? 

  •  Have a go with 4 creatures first - frog, robin, snake and ladybird
  • Have a go with 6 creatures - dog, elephant, spider, crocodile, goldfish, ant
  • have a go choosing your own 6 creatures and making your own

Week Commencing Monday 11th May 


Living things and their habitats - Classification Keys


Look at the example of the key in the files. can you have a go at completing the key for the different creatures?


Week commencing Monday 4th May


Science -living things in their habitat - Invertebrates


This week we are looking more at invertebrates. Can you name some types of invertebrates?

have a look a the power point to find out more.

Go out into your garden or when you go out for a walk with your family to see if you can find some different types of invertebrates.

Can you use the key an mat to identify them?

Could you find out more about one of the creatures you found?

Week commencing Monday 27th April


Science – Living things and their habitats

Using the animals on the picture sheet (in files) print out the sheet or make your own by drawing them and labelling them.

Can you group them in lots of different ways. Some ideas are:

animals that can fly, animals that lay eggs, animals that live in water, animals that eat meat, animals that have two legs etc.

Try to find your own ideas for groups too. Do you notice any patterns?

Choose one of the animals and find out more about it.

Week commencing Monday 20th April


Living things in their habitat -  animal groups

  • Do you know the different groups of animals? Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. Can you put different animals into different groups? you can draw the animals or use the pictures in the files.
  • Can you use the key to put the groups into the correct place?
  • Can you find out more about what the animals in one group have in common?


Week beginning 30th March 2020



Week commencing 23rd March


  • Design a poster explaining the dangers of electricity
  • Write a list of things that use mains electricity and those that use batteries


  • Check your knowledge and build circuits with these websites:

Learning Circuits

Introduction to electric circuits

Top Marks

Science work for week beginning 23rd March