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Sparks and Flames

We will create pieces of art themed around The Great Fire of London.  We will use chalks, paints, collage and mixed media over the course of the lessons as we create fiery art.

8 March 2021


We explored light and dark and blended with chalk to create flames.  We used scissors safely and accurately to cut out silhouettes of buildings.  We used the language of foreground and background to describe different areas of our picture.

Layering and blending to create the background.

Creating the foreground.

The Great Fire of London

24 January 2022


We thought about the shapes and colours we could see in the flames in the painting by Rita Greer.  We listened carefully to a description of a fire and used it as inspiration when creating our own representations of The Great Fire of London using tissue paper.  We used layering to create different colours and effects.

25 January 2022


Today we created 3D pictures of a London landmark that was destroyed in The Great Fire.  We used a variety of materials and techniques to make our buildings before adding 3D flames to them.