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Sometimes we say things to each other that are not kind. When might we do this? Why might this happen? What might we say? How does this make us feel? How does it make the other person feel? Talk to someone about a time you said something mean – How do we feel about what we said now? Did it help? Was is a ‘put down’? Was is sarcastic? Was it a snide remark? What are these things?


I have attached a video that explains what sarcasm is. There are times when being sarcastic is good fun, like when the man in the video joins in. But at the beginning of the video he is fed up and thinks he has been tricked.  


Can you think about a time when you have used a 'put down'? A 'Put down' is when you would criticize someone or make them feel bad about something. It might be what they are wearing, or their hairstyle. It could be they have a new toy that they love but it's not something you like so you say something nasty.


In your books can you write down or draw a picture of a time you have used sarcasm or a put down. You could use speech bubbles or speech marks to show what you said.


Now use a thought bubble and think about how the other person felt. 


Could you have been kinder? What should you have said? It is so important that we are kind to each other. Your final task is to make a kindness poster to go up in our classroom. It could have just a simple message on - Be Kind - or you could do something far more creative! It's up to you!