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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Yesterday we thought about how we act and how we can make the choice to be kind to other people. Today I want you to switch things around and think about how you can be kind to yourself. 


Right now all of our lives are upside down. We don't get to play out with friends or see some members of our family like we used to. We are learning how to do school work from home. We can't go out for something to eat or shop for new toys or clothes. It's not easy! 


It's very common for us to get upset with ourselves. We get annoyed more easily. We are frustrated. We can feel disappointed in ourselves for not doing things as well as we did before Covid came along. 


Today we need to put a stop to all those negative thoughts! We need to be kind to ourselves. We need to say it's ok not to feel ok all the time. How can we be kind to ourselves? My way of being kind to myself is to take a break if I'm feeling upset. I have a cup of tea and some chocolate, watch something I like on TV or read a book. I go for a walk. I listen to music. What could you do? Have a go at filling in some ideas on this sheet.