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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Week commencing 25 May


Here are some thrive learning suggestions for each day of the school holidays that can be done 1-1 or as a family group. 



Using anything you have in the house make musical instruments. You can use stones to make a really load noise, bottles, boxes, tubs, or natural materials. Once you have made your instruments try creating a musical sequence.



Organise a treasure hunt in the house or garden. This could include working out clues or riddles. 



Prepare a picnic lunch together. Ask children to help make funny face sandwiches or pizzas, cucumber for the eyes, cheese for hair, tomato sauce for the nose, the possibilities are endless!



Practice rhymes or make your own poems up adding actions to create a performance. You could use rhymes you already know, for example, Twinkle Twinkle or Row Row Row your Boat.  Older children might want to make up their own rhymes, songs or even a rap to preform to the family.



Go on a nature trail or nature hunt in the garden to collect natural materials and objects and talk about how they feel (textures) using describing words. E.G hard, smooth, rough, spiky, soft, squishy.