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Thursday 12.11.20

Thursday 12.11.20


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Playtime - try and get some exercise and fresh air in the garden.  We had been practising throwing and catching skills in PE perhaps you could develop these skills more.  If the weather is really poor all the Joe Wicks PE lessons from Lockdown 1 are still online.  You could have a go at these to keep you as active as possible.   




Story time - Choose a story to read to an adult.  Which was your favourite part?  Why?  What happened in the story?  Did you like the characters?    


Lunch - enjoy your lunch and try and get a bit more fresh air if you can.






Reading time - choose a book from your book bag or a Bug Club book to read to an adult.  Remember to sound out the words you are unsure of.  Try to read the tricky words without sounding them out though!


Don't forget to practise the year 1 common exception words - reading and writing them. A copy of them was sent out with your parent meeting letter.


You could also practise making sure that you letters and numbers are the right way around and correctly formed.  


Throughout the day children are given the opportunity to choose their own learning too.  You may wish to write - anything - a shopping list, a description of your favourite toy, a joke, or a note to a friend.  The children love constructing things using Lego, wooden bricks etc.  We've not been able to do junk modelling at school due to Covid - maybe they could build something using old boxes and packaging.  

Please send any photos to Mrs Hawkridge.


Have a lovely day 


Mrs Hawkridge