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Thursday 12th November


  • Read look at the video of fireworks.
  • Can you describe some of the fireworks you can see? eg big fireworks, blue firework, zig-zag fireworks.
  • Draw a picture of your favourite firework and try to use that colour. Talk to your grown-up about your favourite firework using "My favourite firework is..." or "I like ... fireworks".


This week we have been working on Body Percussion and using our bodies to make different sounds.

  • Listen to the song below and try to join in with the different actions.
  • Think of two actions that you can do to make a repeating rhythm and show your grown-up eg 2 stamps and a jump.
  • Can your grown-up join in with what you are doing?
  • Repeat this several times for different actions.

Mark Making

If you are beginning to do so please remember to practise to copy the letters in your name. For everyone else, please practising drawing anticlockwise circles and lines with pencils, crayons, chalk, sand and a stick, paint or water and paintbrushes. This helps us to develop our muscles so that we can begin to write when we are ready

Talk Time

This week's Talk Time is all about different rules. Talk to your grown-up about the different rules there are when you are at school or Nursery. Try to use the sentence starter "when you are at Nursery, you have to...". 

Learning Break Ideas

  • If you have a balloon in your house. Can you play the game where you throw it up in the air and you have to stop it from falling on the floor. You can use any part of your body eg hand, head, foot, tummy, ear etc.