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Thursday 12th November

Session 1 Mathematics

  • Count backwards from 10 to zero. As you count backwards use your own digits and take 1 away each time, so you can see that you have 1 less.
  • Use counting back number songs and rhymes i.e. 5 little speckled frogs, 10 green bottles, 5 little monkeys etc. You will be able to find lots of counting songs on the Charanga website - remember to use your login details to access the site. 
  • Try and sing counting back songs so you can see each time we have less. Below you will find some links to come counting back songs. Sing along and use your digits to show how many you have left, as 1 goes away.
  • Try and remember the vocabulary we have been using this week related to subtraction i.e. minus, take away, leaves, less, subtract, difference between.
  • Ask your adult to write a subtraction number sentence i.e. 7 - 5 = 
  • Read the number sentence and try and use your own digits to find how many are left. Hold up 7 fingers and then take 5 of them away, how many have you got left?
  • Can you write the answer to the number sentence and then read it to your adult. Repeat with other amounts. You can use your own digits to work out how many you have left, or objects around your home i.e. get 8 pencils and take away 6, how many have you got left?
  • Remember each time you are working on a subtraction number sentence, try and use the key vocabulary listed above.
  • Have a go at writing your own subtraction number sentences.
  • Ask your adult to email me some of the subtraction work you have been doing this week. 
  • Have lots of subtraction fun!

Session 2 Phonics

  • Say all the sounds on the Phase 2 mat below. Can you think of words that begin with each sound?
  • Can you write each letter, remembering the correct formation? You can use your finger to air write each sound or write each letter on some paper.
  • Ask your adult to say a word i.e. farm and then identify the initial sound of each word. Repeat with other words and each time, listen carefully to the sound at the start of each word. Try and write down the initial sound of each word.
  • Next practise your CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words i.e. cat, dog, pin etc. and blending skills.  In your book bags you have all got the current word walls that you are working on. Use these to practise blending the sounds to hear the word. Say each letter sound clearly and then blend the sounds together to hear each word.
  • Now we will have a go at our segmenting skills - chopping each word into it's sound components in order to spell. Ask your adult to say a CVC word to you i.e. pen. Say the word clearly and then chop it into its 3 sounds, p / e /n. Write the sounds and then repeat with other CVC words.
  • If you are confident at spelling CVC words then ask your adult to say longer words and have a go at spelling these. Remember when spelling, it's important to say each word clearly and then you can hear the sounds in each word.
  • We will practise reading the tricky words from phase 2. If you can read all these words confidently, then have a go at spelling these words. We cannot sound these words out as they have got tricky bits in them.
  • Can you read the high frequency words on the Reception list? If you can read all the words, then have a go at spelling them.
  • Use the Phonics play website to apply your skills. 

Session 3 Topic Focus

  • We have been exploring Diwali, the festival of light this week. We have been finding out how the festival is celebrated.
  • Talk with your adult about the things that you know already about Diwali and use some of the key vocabulary that we have been using this week i.e. festival of light, diya (candle), fireworks, rangoli patterns, mendhi hand patterns, temple, family celebrations, singing and dancing, special event, presents, games, celebrate
  • In our topic lesson today it would be great if you could create some Diwali pictures or models.
  • The activity village website below has some ideas for Diwali crafts and pictures i.e. you could draw a picture of diya (candle), create your own rangoli pattern, create your own mendhi hand patterns.
  • Please email me any pictures of your child's art work and creations.