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Thursday 19th November

Session 1-Mathematics

  • We are going to be focussing on 2D (flat) shapes today. We are going to be naming the shapes and talking about their properties. 
  • Can you name the shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle? Can you find these shapes around your home or your garden?
  • Have a go at drawing the shapes - what do they look like? Use the shape vocabulary and shape names when describing i.e. sides, longer, shorter, straight, curved, points, edge, corner, triangle, rectangle, circle, square
  • Can you describe the shapes to your adult and describe them i.e. a square has got 4 sides and they are all the same length, a rectangle has got 4 sides but 2 sides are longer etc.
  • Use the documents below to help you learn the shape names.
  • Have lots of fun with your shape hunt and ask your adult to email me pictures of the different shapes you have found around your home.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Let's start by singing the tricky word song. Learn the words as you sing along.
  • Can you say all the names of all the letters of the alphabet? Use one of the alphabet songs from earlier in the week to help you.
  • Can you now say all the letter sounds? Use one of the phonic songs from earlier in the week to help you.
  • Choose a sound from the alphabet and think of words that begin with that sound i.e. 'd' dog, duck, dad, deer, doctor etc. Repeat with other sounds.
  • Revise the ch, sh and th sounds that we have been learning this week. Say the sounds and think of words that have these sounds in them. Use your lists from earlier in the week to help you. Read the words on your list and have a go at spelling some of the words.
  • Today we are going to be learning the 'ng' sound. Look at this sound at the end of these words: song, long, ping, wing, sing, king, thing, string
  • Write the 'ng' words down. Then have a go at using your phonic skills to read the words.

Session 3 -Topic Focus

  • We are thinking about 'Families' this week in our topic sessions.
  • Look at a selection of family photos and discuss the changes over time.
  • Can you sequence some family pictures i.e. from when you were a baby, a toddler, starting nursery, starting school? Can you put these pictures in the correct order to make your own time line?
  • Can you draw your own pictures to show how you have grown - a picture of you as a baby, a toddler, starting school? Please ask an adult to email me some pictures of your timelines.
  • Look at the changes and how you have grown. Talk about some of the things you can do now, that you couldn't do when you were smaller.
  • When you look at your family photographs, notice the other family member that you can see. How are you related i.e. is it your aunt, grandfather etc.?
  • Can you draw a family tree showing how you are related to other people in your family?
  • Enjoy looking at your photographs everyone. I bet it's amazing to see how much you have grown and changed from your baby pictures.