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Thursday 21st January

Good Morning and Daily Timetable


Good Morning and Daily Timetable

This is "Good Morning and Daily Timetable" by Ladywood Primary School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Session 1 - Mathematics

Session 2 - Phonics


Session 3 - Topic Focus

Session 4 - Singing

Session 5 - Story


Remember to take regular learning breaks throughout the day and to carry out your daily reading.


Session 1- Mathematics

  • We are learning the names of solid (3D) shapes; cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid. Click on the song below and learn the names of the shapes as you sing along.
  • Choose a shape at a time and see if you can find something in your house that is that shape i.e. what can you find that is a sphere shape? a cube shape? etc. Enjoy your shape hunt everyone.
  • Take photographs of the different items that you find and name it's shape. Ask your adult to email me some of your shape pictures.
  • Discuss the properties of each shape i.e. a cube is made up of 6 squares. Talk about each shape and what you notice about it.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Click on the sound mats below and say the sounds. We are all doing so well at learning our new sounds.
  • Ask your adult to say a sound and then you write that sound down on a piece of paper. Have a go at writing some of the sounds on the Phase 3 sound mat too.
  • Today we are going to learn the new sound,  'ar' - start the car. Click on the video below to learn the 'ar' sound.

Learn the 'ar' sound

This is "Learn the 'ar' sound" by Ladywood Primary School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

  • Read the tricky words on the sheets below. If you are confident at reading the tricky words, then have a go at spelling them. Remember they all have tricky bits to them.
  • We are going to focus on the tricky word, 'no'. Say the word and then write it down. Read the word and spot the tricky bit of it - 'o' is the tricky part as we can hear the 'n' at the start of the word. Now cover the word and have a go at spelling it. Did you spell it correctly?
Lunch Time - Hope you have a lovely lunch everyone and a well deserved learning break.

Session 3 - Topic Focus

  • I have allocated a non-fiction book onto your Bug Club accounts. Please click on the book, 'Animal Homes' written by Sarah Russell.
  • Discuss the features of a non-fiction book i.e. photographs, photographer, contents, fact, headings etc. What do you think we are going to find out about?
  • Read the story with your adult and remember to click on the Bug if you see one to answer any questions.
  • Discuss the meanings of any new words with your adult i.e. burrow, log, nest etc.
  • Discuss the book and think about these question; Which animal homes did we see in this book? Which other animal homes do you know? What makes a good home? Think about the words - shelter, warmth, family, happy, protection etc. when discussing what makes a good home.
  • Draw a picture of an animal's home, either one from the book or another one that you know. Write captions to accompany your picture, sounding out your words as you write. Remember to take your time when drawing your animal home and look closely at it's features.
  • I look forward to seeing your pictures when you adult emails them to me.

Session 4 - Singing

  • Share some of your favourite nursery rhymes with your adult. Remember to add actions as you sing along.
  • Click on some of the rhymes below and join in with the words and actions. 
Session 5 - Story
  • Let's all enjoy an end of day story.

'I Want My Dinner' by Tony Ross

This is "'I Want My Dinner' by Tony Ross" by Ladywood Primary School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.