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Times Tables

Today your job is to make sets of flashcards for the times tables you are learning. You need to write the number sentence on one side (for example 2x5=) then the answer on the back. 


Group 1 and 2A- Make sets for 2's and 5's.

Group 2B - Make sets for 2's and 3's.

Group 2C - Make sets for 3's and 4's.


When you have your sets, shuffle them all together and practice with them. You can do them both ways - for example you can look at the number sentence (2x5=) and say 10. Or you can look at the answer side (10) and say 2x5. It's really good for you to practice them both ways!


Send a photo of your cards and tell us how many you got right in your practice when you email your work in.