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Week commencing 22nd June

Complete the lesson ‘Who were the Vikings?’

Based on what you have learnt about the Vikings, create your own quiz for someone at home. You could also design your own longboat.

Week commencing 8th June


Find out how the Romans changed Britain and watch the video clips.

Show what you have learnt about the new ideas and ways of living that Romans introduced to Britain. You could create a 3D model, pieces of artwork, a poster, PowerPoint presentation or even your own video. Get creative and have fun!

Week commencing 1st June

Find out what it was like in Roman Britain and watch the video clips.

Week commencing 18th May

Read the information on ‘Did the Romans conquer Scotland?’ and watch the video clips. Create a PowerPoint presentation or a poster to show what you have learnt.

Week commencing 11th May

Design your own Roman armour using the ‘Awesome Armour Project Activity Booklet’ below.

Test your knowledge on Roman numerals by completing the activities below.

Week commencing 4th May

Research the Roman Gods here.  Create a fact file for three of your favourite.


Look at the PowerPoint below to find out more about Roman Gods and then use the template to create your own Roman God.

Week commencing 27th April


Visit Hands on History where you can download fun family Roman activity packs. Build a Roman villa or make a marvellous mosaic. 

Week commencing 20th April

Our new topic is all about the Romans. Click here and discover how the Romans conquered Britain. Be creative and show me what you have learnt. This could be a poster, newspaper, diary entry, art and design project etc.

Week commencing 23rd March


Create a poster to show the different coastal features e.g. headland, cave, arch, stack and stump. Can you describe how each feature is formed by erosion?


Have a look at different geographical features and physical geography.


Find extra information at bbc bitesize