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Work we have been looking at in school

Can you label the parts of the Roman soldier and use the colours to design your own Roman Shield.

Week commencing 23rd March


Imagine it is 1995 and our economy has gone down in the local area and we need to get people to the area. Our pits have closed and the factories haven’t been built yet. You have a 5 mile area where the pit was.

 Your Task is …

  1. Design a theme park that can be built on the plains. (remember it needs to suit all.. adults and children)
  2. Design the roller coasters for both adults and children.
  3. Write a persuasive letter to the Mp of the time persuading them that your Theme Park is the best idea to boost the economy. (remember there are other projects so it needs to be persuasive)
  4. Create a leaflet that explains all about your new theme park
  5. You are the first visitor to the new theme park. Write a diary entry about your day.
  6. Can you make a model of your theme park?



You can send me these via the email provided and i will look at them and decide whose theme park i would like building.


Our next topic will be Romans so you can research and find out anything you can on them.


one webite that may help :)