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Topic - Deserts


Today's lesson is to focus on our geography element of Deserts. What I want you to do today is to create a poster All about Deserts. I have included some kids websites you can look on or you can safely search the internet for other information.


Things you might want to Include:


What is a desert?

Do you know any deserts?

Can you tell me the locations of any deserts? ( countries , continents)

Do you know the size of any deserts?

Do you know any plants or animals which are adapted to live in deserts? (Think back to our science in September)

Are deserts just hot? 

Can you name any cold deserts?

Where are hot deserts mainly located?,are%20known%20as%20polar%20deserts.,it%20can%20hit%20the%20ground!&text=Because%20deserts%20are%20so%20dry,to%20help%20insulate%20the%20ground.