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Tuesday 17th November

Session 1 -Mathematics

  • We will start our Mathematics by counting forwards to 20. Start at zero and say each number as you count up to 20.
  • If you are confident with your counting, then try and write each number as you count. Write the numbers from 1 to 10 and if you want to continue, then write the numbers from 11 to 20.
  • Use the number songs below to help you with your counting.
  • We are going to continue with our learning on repeating patterns. Talk with your adult about what a repeating pattern is - it's a pattern that repeats itself over and over.
  • Yesterday we went on a pattern hunt to see if we could find any repeating patterns around our homes or gardens. Can you remember which patterns you found? Can you describe the pattern to your adult?
  • Try out some of repeating patterns below using shapes. First all say the pattern and then see if you can continue it. 
  • Try and make a repeating pattern of your own. Remember we can use anything to make our own patterns. Have another look at the patterns in the environment to remind yourselves that patterns are all around us.
  • Ask your adult to email me some pictures of the patterns you have created or patterns that you have found around your houses and gardens.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Start by playing a game of 'I Spy' with your adult. This will help you to think clearly about the sound at the start of each word.
  • Can you say the sounds of all the 26 letters? Pick a sound i.e 'f' and try to think of words that begin with this sound i.e. fish, farm, food, fit etc. Choose other sounds and do the same.
  • Yesterday we learnt the new sound: 'sh'. Can you remember some of the words that we thought of yesterday that have this sound i.e. shed, shut, shop, fish, hush etc. Say these words and listen carefully for the sound. 
  • Remember the word - digraph from yesterday. This is when 2 letters come together to make 1 sound. 
  • Today we are going to be learning a new sound - 'ch' Can you say the sound and write the 2 letters c and h that come together to make the 1 sound - ch
  • Think of some words that contain this digraph i.e. chip, chop, rich, chin, much etc.
  • Say each word and maybe your adult could write these words down and then you can notice the spelling of each word. 
  • Read your tricky words and Reception words from the High Frequency List.
  • Remember to use your word walls to keep practising your blending skills.
  • Well done for making super progress with your sounds and words Reception children. I am super proud of you all.

Session 3 - Topic Focus

  • We are thinking about 'Families and Celebrations' in our topic work this week. Yesterday we drew pictures of our families and wrote the names of the people we have in our families.
  • We have been using vocabulary linked to families i.e. mum, dad, sister, brother, cousin, step-dad, step-mum, grandma, uncle etc.
  • We are talking about the different things and activities that we like to do with our families. We can draw pictures of the things we like to do and write a simple caption, describing this.
  • We are also thinking about family celebrations and the special occasions that we share with our families i.e. birthdays, Christening, weddings, Easter, Christmas etc.
  • Please look at the celebrations document below to name some of the special occasions that you share with your family.