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Wednesday 11.11.20

Wednesday 11.11.20


We will be phoning parents today to discuss how your child has settled back into school.  We sent out targets on Friday and we will be discussing these too.  


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Armistice - Minutes Silence


Big Write


Story time


Lunch -




Library - We usually visit the school library on a Wednesday afternoon.  I've put some reading activities in the library icon as an alternative.  


Reading time


Throughout the day children are given the opportunity to choose their own learning too.  You may wish to paint or draw something in the style of Mondrian, Rothko or Pollock like you have done at school.  Draw some different animals - we had just started to learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians - maybe you could find out more about them?  Children often choose to practise writing tricky words, make part-whole models and use inequality signs!  


Have a lovely day


Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge


Please send your photographs to Mrs Hawkridge or Mrs Ledger today please.