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Wednesday 11th November

Session 1 Literacy

  • In our Literacy today we are going to be reading some of the key words linked to Diwali. Try and remember some of the key vocabulary that was used yesterday in the Diwali clip i.e. candles, singing, dancing, diva, fireworks, festival of light etc
  • Click on the information below to find out more about Diwali. Discuss with your adult the facts that you know about the festival.
  • Choose special symbols associated with the festival to draw i.e. a diva lamp, fireworks,family feast, visiting the temple etc. Remember to add detail to your picture.
  • Once you have drawn your pictures, try and write your own labels to say what you have drawn. Try and sound out your own words when writing or ask an adult to write your labels and then copy neatly underneath. If you are sounding out your own words, then say each word clearly so you can hear the sounds in each word.
  • Look at the Diwali information below with your adult. Discuss in your own words how the festival is celebrated.

Session 2 Phonics

  • Sing the alphabet song. Look at each letter as you sing along.
  • Next use the phonics song to learn the sound that each letter makes.
  • Today we are going to be learning the new phoneme (sound) z. Say the sound Zzzzz and write it in the air with your finger. 
  • Think of words that begin with the sound i.e. zip, zigzag, zebra., zoo, zoom etc. Write these words down on a piece of paper and practise reading the z words together. Listen for the z sound at the start of each word.
  • Now look at the zz sound at the end of words i.e. buzz, fizz, whizz. Write these words down and then read them together. Listen for the zz sound at the end of each word.
  • Read together the tricky words on the list below. If you can read the words then have a go at spelling each word. Remember to think carefully about the tricky part of each word.
  • Use the games and activities on Phonics Play below to practise applying your phonic skills.

Session 3 Mathematics

  • We are thinking about subtraction and we are learning to use the range of vocabulary linked to this i.e. minus, take away, subtract, leaves, less, difference between
  • Write a subtraction number sentence and read this together with your child i.e. 7 - 3 = 4. Use the vocabulary listed above when reading the number sentence. Use objects around the house to model subtraction i.e. get 7 bears, take 3 away, how many are left?
  • Repeat with different amounts and objects. Each time read together the number sentence and ask your child to use objects to carry out the subtraction.
  • Model and encourage the use of the key words listed above to help your child's understanding of the mathematical vocabulary.
  • Listen to the subtraction vocabulary in the song below.