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Wednesday 16th

Morning year 6- 2 days to go!!!

Todays timetable is as follows


Morning Challenge- 15 minutes 

Spellings- Practise for 15 minutes

Maths - an hour- go through the ppt and then watch the video and fill in the sheet.

Break- 20 pressups 20 sit ups

Literacy- Look at the powerpoint about poems- read the poem about the magic box then plan and write your own free verse poem.


Comprehension 30 mins 

TT rockstars 30 mins

Geography - go through the ppt. Have a guess at the signs- Then can you match the signs.

After that can you look on the live map of Grimethorpe and see if you can find any of the signs.


Have a wonderful day and don't forget to send any work that you do.