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Wednesday 18.11.20

Good morning!

Here is today's timetable. Please click on the lesson icons to access your learning.




Playtime - Try to get outside in the garden if you can. If not choose something that you enjoy- read a book, build a model, draw a picture. 

Big Write

Story time - Choose a story to share with your adult at home. Enjoy reading together. 

Lunch - Enjoy your lunch and a break! 


Library - We usually visit the school library on a Wednesday afternoon.  I've put some reading activities in the library icon as an alternative.  

Reading time Choose a reading book from your book bag or from Bug Club to read to an adult. What do you think of the characters in the book? 


Throughout the day children are given the opportunity to choose their own learning too.  You may wish to paint or draw something in the style of Mondrian, Rothko or Pollock like you have done at school.  Draw some different animals - we had just started to learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians - maybe you could find out more about them?  Children often choose to practise writing tricky words, make part-whole models and use inequality signs!  


Have a lovely day!


Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge


Please send your photographs to Mrs Hawkridge or Mrs Ledger today please.