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Wednesday 18th November

Session 1 -Literacy

  • We are going to start by reading the book, 'Birthdays Around the World' by Lisa Weir. You have all got this book on your Bug Club accounts. Please login and you can see the book.
  • This is a non-fiction book and tells us about how birthdays are celebrated around the world. Talk about the features that a non-fiction book has  i.e. photographs, contents page, headings etc.
  • Discuss the photographs with your adult and read together. Remember to answer the Bug Questions when they appear on the page.
  • After reading discuss the book with your adult and the photographs of different birthdays.
  • Can you find any photographs of your birthday celebrations. How old were you in the photograph? Who else is in the photo? Did you have a cake? Did you play games?
  • Can you draw your own picture to show how you celebrate birthdays and the things that make it special i.e. family members, friends, parties, cake and special food, presents etc.
  • Remember to use your writing skills to add labels and captions to your pictures.
  • Enjoy looking at your birthday photographs. I always love looking at my family albums - once I start looking, I just can't stop! I enjoy remembering all the special birthdays and the things that we did.
  • Please ask your adult to email me any pictures you have drawn.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • We will start by singing our alphabet song. Say the letter names as you sing along.
  • Now we will sing a song to help us learn the sounds that the letters make.
  • This week in our Phonics we have been learning the sounds: ch and sh. These sounds are called digraphs -2 letters and when they come together they make 1 sound. Can you remember the words that we have thought of so far this week that have the ch and sh sounds? Try and remember some of these words and with the help of your adult write these words down.
  • We are going to be learning a new sound today -'th'. Say the sound and look at the 2 letters that make this sound. Can you write the 'th' sound?
  • Now we are going to think of some words that have 'th' i.e. them, then, that, the, with, thin, bath
  • Write a list of these words with your adult and notice the sounds in each word. Once you have written your list of 'th' words, practise reading the words.
  • Have a go at reading some of the words on your lists that you have. Can you read some of the tricky words? Can you read some of the words on the High Frequency Word lists?
  • Use the word walls that you have in your book bags to practise your blending skills. Say each sound clearly and then hear the word that it makes.

Session 3 - Mathematics

  • Can you count to 10 and then 20? Say each number carefully as you count. Start at different points each time i.e. start counting from number 8, number 12 etc. Think carefully about the number that comes next as you count.
  • We have been dong some super pattern work this week. I have been really impressed with the patterns you have noticed around your homes and the ones you have created yourselves.
  • Can you have a go at making some different repeating patterns? Remember a repeating pattern is a pattern that repeats itself over and over.
  • You can use any resources around your house to make your pattern. I have seen some amazing patterns so far this week.
  • Click on the document below to help you learn about repeating patterns. Can you name the shape that comes next in each pattern?