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Wednesday 6th January

Session 1 Mathematics

  • We are going to be focussing on addition this morning. Can you remember all the words that we use when we are working on addition? Ask your adult to write down an addition number sentence using numbers within 10 i.e. 5 + 4 = 9.  Read the number sentence together using the vocabulary related to addition i.e. plus, add, equals, makes, altogether.
  • Write down different number sentences and read these together using the range of addition vocabulary. Use your own digits or objects around the house to calculate the total or sum of the 2 amounts.
  • Today we are going to be learning how we can use a number line when adding by jumping forwards. 
  • Ask your adult to write a number line from 0 to 10. Then write down an addition number sentence and use the number line to calculate the answer by jumping forwards. Remember to count carefully the  number of jumps each time. Write down the number that you land on, to answer each number sentence.
  • Read the number sentence 5 + 3 = ? Start on number 5, jump forwards 3 on your number line, which number did you land on. Repeat with other number sentences.
  • Can you write down some of your number sentences? Remember to try and form each number correctly.

Session 2 Phonics

  • Sing the alphabet song. Look at each letter as you sing the letter names.
  • Next use the phonics song to say the sound that each letter makes.
  • Play a game of I Spy with your adult i.e. I spy something with my eye beginning with Ssssss. Look around and notice anything you can see that begins with the 's' sound. Repeat with other sounds.
  • Identify the initial sound in words. Name items that you can see around you i.e. table. Say the initial sound the word i.e. 't' for table. Repeat with other items.
  • Today we are going to be learning the new digraph (2 letters that make 1 sound) 'ai'. Say the sound 'ai' and say the caption; 'snail in the rain'.
  • Ask your adult to write this caption snail in the rain. Notice the 'ai' digraph in the words snail and rain.
  • Can you think of more words that contain the 'ai' sound i.e pain, stain, faint, aim, paint, train ?
  • Make a list of these words and underline the 'ai' sound in each word. Read the words together with your adult.

Session 3 Topic Focus

  • We are reading stories this week by our class author Nick Sharratt. 
  • Nick Sharratt is both an author and an illustrator and he has written lots of funny stories which we can enjoy. Click on the link below to enjoy reading 'Shark in the Park' by Nick Sharratt.


  • After reading the story, can you discuss with your adult the events that happened in the story. Can you remember all the things that Timothy Pope saw through his telescope?
  • Is there really a shark in the park?
  • Can you draw a picture of some of the things that Timothy Pope saw? Ask your adult to write a label to accompany your picture.
  • Read the story again with your adult. This time can you listen out for the rhyming words i.e. shark/ park, boy/toy, ground/around, that/ cat, glad/dad
  • Did you enjoy this story? Share and discuss your opinions with your adult.

Session 4 Singing

  • Sing some of your favourite nursery rhymes with your adult.
  • Use your Charanga login details to access our music site.
  • Can we all learn today the song, 'Wind the Bobbin Up'? Can we sing along and do the actions?

Session 5 Storytime

  • Let's enjoy another book by the author Nick Sharratt.
  • Click on the link below to enjoy the story, 'Ketchup on Your Cornflakes'